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Usage and Tips



  • Pegitz pats are designed for Pegboard with hole sizes of 1/4" to 9/32".  These are the most common sizes.  If you find the Pegitz part does not fit because it is too tight, most likely it is because the holes are not at least 1/4" size.  This can be remedied by either using a 1/4" drill bit or screwdriver, round file, etc. to widen the hole to a minimum of 1/4".

    • If you are unsure of your hole size, you can measure with Calipers or try to insert a 1/4" drill bit ​into the hole to see if it fits.

  • Pegitz parts are designed for wood and plastic Pegboards.  While they will improve the holding of pegs or hooks in Metal Pegboards, they are not ideal for this usage if the Metal Pegboards are thin (ie. not as thick as wood pegboards).​  If you would like to see Pegitz parts compatible with Metal Pegboards available, please use Contact tab to provide that information as this is currently under evaluation.

  • To insert the Pegitz part into the Pegboard hole, simply push straight into the hole.  If there is any difficulty, make sure each snap-hook is properly inserted before pushing and if needed give a turning-motion as inserting.

  • Make sure the Peg Hook is inserted all the way before pulling down on Fig 2 above for best insertion.

  • The Pegitz part itself is reusable for different holes depending on normal wear and tear.  To reuse, simply pull out with fingers or pliers. Before insertion into next hole, it is best to "twirl the prong ends" between your fingers to squeeze the tips together.

  • If all else fails and you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it for a refund along with explanation of the problem.  We are interested to understand any compatibility issues and are working to ensure product quality.


1. Insert Pegitz part into pegboard

hole with slot positioned vertically.

2. Insert top of hook firmly into hole all the way by pushing with thumb (see Fig. 1).

3.Pull down on hook while pushing

in to lock into place (see Fig. 2).

4. To remove, pull out hook and

remove Pegitz part with fingers or pliers if needed.

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